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Merriam’s Turkey Hunting In Nebraska – Guided Hunts

Merriam’s Turkey Hunting In Nebraska

  • 3 days / 3 nights per hunter:

    Merriam's Turkey
    Merriam’s Turkey Hunting In Nebraska
  • $ 1495.00 Archery / Shotgun Package includes:
  • * 2 Tom Turkeys (third tom if available)
  • * Lodging and meals
  • * Transportation once you arrive at NHC, Inc. Lodge (Uncle Bucks Lodge) in Brewster, NE

The New Turkey Guide is available Find information on the Spring and Fall seasons as well as permit pricing and youth hunting information.  Download your copy today

Johnny Hall Scores With 160 Archery Harvest

Congratulation to Johnny on this great archery harvest the week before rifle.

I’d recommend Scott to anyone, his enthusiasm runs over, and rubs off onto the hunters. He does his home work and during the deer hunt for the wife and I we saw many 130-140″ deer. We were able to bring a 160″, 300 pound brute home and saw a couple even bigger, opportunities abound As with his turkey hunts, he gives his all for his hunter as well pushes you and will not let you lose confidence because he HAS done his home work for you. Great spirit, great attitude and great guy! Thanks Johnny & Teri

Merriam’s Spring Shotgun Season Starts April 16, 2011 – Checklist

Turkey loads
Turkey choke tube
Patterning targets
Camo blind — where legal
Seat, cushioned stool
Shotgun sling
Turkey decoys
Lo Boy
Lite Chair
Monopod gun rest
Compass Maps
Ratchet cutters
Insect repellent
Trail ribbon
Camo tape
Water bottle
First aid kit

Camo gloves
Camo facenet
Camo paint
Camo make-up
Camo shirt
Camo pants
Camo jacket
Camo turkey vest or pack
Camo cap
Camo socks
Camo undershirts
Rain suit

Box call
Diaphragm calls
Slate or glass pot & peg call
Glass call
Gobble call
Tube call
Push-pin call
Turpin/wingbone call
Crow/locator call
Owl hooter call locator calls

Call Accessories:
Box call chalk
Call lanyard
Box call holster

Archery gear:
Bow (camouflaged)
3-D Camo clothes
3-D targets

To Do:
Get license/turkey tags
Pattern shotgun