Ellis Scores on a Big 8

Whitetail Deer Hunting In Nebraska - 402-304-1192

After going Merriam’s turkey hunting with Scott Croner in May and tagging out I knew I had to go on a deer hunt with him when the opportunity came up. I booked my deer hunt for muzzleloader season the second week in December. After talking to Scott several times on the phone before I arrived I was very excited about what he was telling me he had been seeing. I arrived in Nebraska City mid afternoon and was greeted by Scott. He took me to a spot on the edge of a soybean field and said he had been seeing a 140-150 class buck in the area along with some 130 class bucks. Two hours later I caught a glimpse of a big buck walking a ridge across from me. I grunted and he turned and walked right towards me. I guess buck fever set in because I made a bad shot and hit him in the gut. Scott and I blood trailed him for a little while that evening but decided to back out when we ran out of blood and lost light. The next morning I was happy to see Scott had two other people with him to help us find the deer. It took us about an hour and we found him the biggest buck I’ve ever taken a 144″ 8-pointer. I’ve hunted with 6 different outfitters in my life and Scott Croner is the best I have hunted with. I already have a deer hunt booked for next deer season and plan on booking many more.

Ellis, Villa Rica, Georgia