Realtree: Community: Nebraska Merriam’s Mania

Realtree: Community: Nebraska Merriam Mania: “Nebraska Merriam’s Mania
By Brandon Wikman, Bass Pro NGX Team
The rumors tucked away in the Sand Hills of central Nebraska hold more truth than told. Deep in this picturesque valley of cedars, sand and lofty hills, is a sought after secret of the mystical Merriam’s turkey.

Plenty of the country hunted was open, but the birds have a propensity to find and use available cover to their advantage. imageThe time-crazy world hasn’t changed the background of the old ranch town I stayed at. As I passed through the hundred yard main street strip of not-a-whole-lot, I soon became familiarized of what the little town was known for from the camouflage jackets and cowboy hats worn by the locals. I marveled at cattle ranchers stringing barbed-wire fence by hand for miles, while others admired their massive prairie burns. I felt as if I were taken back to the cowboy days and imagined the covered wagons trekking across the desolate land. Sod houses from the 1800’s still stood amongst the canyons and withheld their enduring beauty throughout years of erosion.
Although, the scenery and generalization of the Sand Hills inspired my historic inner-feelings, I was there to conquer the last species of turkey for my Grand Slam quest and face the secrets head-to-head with Nebraska Hunting Company, a nationally acclaimed outfitter from the heart of Nebraska.”

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Steve Miller – Merriams Turkey Hunt

“There is no better turkey hunt in the entire country!!! From the moment you arrive..Scott treats you like a good hunting buddy…outstanding Merriam’s turkey habitat…tons of gobblers…and Scottie will put them in your lap…in full strut. A very active hunt…covering lots of ground…and working multiple birds…Scott is an outstanding guide with tons of knowledge. After chasing these crazy birds for over 30 years…I can honestly say…”BEST TURKEY HUNT IN MY LIFETIME.” Give Scott a holler…you will not be disappointed…and to top it all off…the hunt is a true bargain and value. Nebraska Hunting Company and Scott Croner are the real deal”

–Steve Miller
Lansing, KS

Nebraska Hunting Outfitters

Nebraska Hunting Outfitters: “Hunting Turkey: Merriam’s in Nebraska

We have had a very nice article posted about our Merriam Turkey hunting programs and one of our clients, Mr Todd Ried, by Albert over at The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.

Hunting Trophy Turkey: Merriam’s in Nebraska covers some information about all six turkeys found in North America, and also talks about Todd’s melanistic Merriam’s turkey.

J Scott Croner
Nebraska Hunting Company